Sustainability at Langhorst

As a future-oriented company and in the interest of future generations, we at Heinrich Langhorst GmbH & Co. KG are faced with the challenge of intelligently combining ecological and economic necessities. In this way, we preserve the future opportunities and ability to act of our descendants through our responsible actions. We are aware of our responsibility for people and the environment. The protection of the environment, the safety of our employees and the prevention of accidents are therefore important components of our corporate policy. An integral part of our corporate management is the involvement and training of our employees. We encourage them to actively practice environmental protection at their workplace on their own responsibility.

Our principles for responsible and environmentally conscious action are:

  • Waste avoidance and separation throughout the company
  • Environmental responsibility as a corporate maxim
  • Continuous improvement of our environmental performance
  • Prevention of incidents
  • Promotion of environmental awareness among employees
  • The health and safety of our employees have priority. This is ensured through the appointment of a safety officer as well as through cooperation with an external occupational safety specialist and a company doctor.
  • Promotion of sporting activities for employees
  • Participation in sporting events

Our contribution to environmental protection:

To reduce emissions in road freight transport, two central starting points come into play in the forwarding and logistics sector:

  1. Reducing fuel consumption and
  2. avoiding unnecessary transports and empty runs (less impact on people and the environment)

In the area of warehousing and handling, the greatest potential for environmental protection lies in the area of energy consumption through lighting and heating.

Daily, more than 130 trucks with low-noise and low-emission engines are in use for Heinrich Langhorst GmbH & Co. KG. More than 80 % of our vehicles in use meet the strict EURO 6 standards. In extensive training courses, our staff are taught to drive in an environmentally conscious, fuel-saving manner and to handle the vehicles and chassis with care. Navigation devices and hands-free kits make daily work easier and ergonomically shaped seats are easy on the drivers’ backs. The use of state-of-the-art EDP and telematics systems optimises routes and reduces the number of empty runs or detours. Modern automatic transmissions help save fuel and reduce pollutant emissions. The introduction of written departure checks of the drivers before the start of the journey ensures that the more than 300 chassis used are permanently checked for road safety. As a result, the number of incidents was reduced to a minimum last year.

Our warehouse employees also have to meet numerous requirements, such as driving with limited visibility, speed and estimating weight forces. This increases the quality of the service in the long term. The use of energy-saving lighting in the warehouses and on the entire premises has significantly reduced electricity consumption. In the offices, LED daylight ceiling lamps are easy on the eyes of the employees. Height-adjustable desks, standing desks and ergonomically shaped chairs make daily work easier.

Our goal is to be seen as a leading company in our markets through continuous improvement and to take on an exemplary role.

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