Long-distance transport


All containers that need to be transported beyond the Bremen region into the German hinterland or outside the country’s borders are handled by our long-distance transport service. With a large fleet of trucks based all over Germany, long-distance transport can often help with last-minute requests. If no vehicle is available, Fernverkehr also has access to a large network of haulage companies throughout Europe and can thus offer the best services throughout Europe. The transport of hazardous goods is also no problem. Thanks to trained drivers with ADR certification, we can transport all common classes of hazardous goods.

If the goods have to be transported in the container at a certain temperature, our refrigerated chassis with their own genset are used. These chassis are optimised for the transport of refrigerated containers (reefers) and can supply the container with storm for cooling during the entire transport and also during breaks. As we are GDP and TAPA certified, we can of course also carry out the transports according to GDP or TAPA standards on customer request.

In addition to the German hinterland, a large proportion of the containers in long-distance transport come from the western ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp. Thanks to its many years of experience, long-distance transport can take on all the important tasks from port registration to customs clearance. In the event of problems, we also have a large network of workshops, warehouses and security parking facilities throughout Europe that can help day and night. Of course, this network also benefits us for all other transports abroad. Even though our trucks are mainly on the road in neighbouring German countries, our long-distance transport team will also be happy to advise you on transports to more distant countries.

Our service portfolio is rounded off by state-of-the-art technology in the office and in the trucks used. This enables us to track all trucks and container chassis used just in time. Thanks to board computers and printers, our drivers can also print out all relevant transport documents and present them to the customer or the responsible customs office. This means that our dispatchers always have full control and extensive contact with the vehicles, even when transporting abroad.

If you have any enquiries or other questions, you can always contact us at Fernverkehr@langhorst.de or you can get in touch with one of our employees directly by phone.


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