Our History


Ralf Langhorst has no problems with the image of being a haulier. After all, that is how the transport company laid its foundations more than 90 years ago.

In 1919, great-grandfather Heinrich Langhorst founded the family business in Bremen-Findorff. The distinctive ”HL” on the horse blanket marked the cartage company back then, in which Ralf Langhorst now bears responsibility as managing partner in the 4th generation.

But the time of cartage for the city and the Bremen ports is long gone. The service programme has been permanently adapted to today’s modern requirements for logistics providers in local and long-distance transport, warehousing / transshipment at the highest level.

Langhorst is proud to have always been one of the pioneers in new developments in the market. In 1985, the company was one of the first to recognise the importance of the newly established freight villages and set up shop in the GVZ-Bremen. Here Ralf Langhorst played a decisive role in shaping the GVZ Bremen as Managing Director of the development company and is today jointly responsible for establishing the GVZ Bremen as the number 1 in Germany. Under the dynamic management of Günter and Ralf Langhorst, the company has expanded continuously and can now count itself among the leading container service providers.

In addition to the use of approx. 150 tractor units and 200 modern semi-trailers, however, the company’s real capital is an experienced trucking entrepreneurship and, above all, professional and qualified employees who understand their trade and the customer’s needs precisely. Using the latest IT technology, the experienced Langhorst team always provides customers with the most up-to-date status of their orders, right down to the vehicles. macos/deepLFree.translatedWithDeepL.text

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