Safety transport /TAPA)

TAPA transports

TAPA stands for the Transported Asset Protection Association. The industry association has its headquarters in the Netherlands and pursues the goal of reducing the loss of high-value goods through theft. The focus is on the entire transport route, including the production and distribution of the goods. Tapa uses tried and tested security procedures and methods for industry and its logistics and freight service providers. The security procedures are clearly defined and subdivided in fixed requirement catalogues.

More and more companies are placing their trust in TAPA and are therefore increasingly requiring a certain TAPA level when transporting high-value goods. To ensure that we as the Langhorst Group of Companies can meet the current requirements of our customers, we have been certified according to TAPA TSR and FSR Lever 1 since 2014. In addition, we have been an official member of TAPA since 2020 and thus receive extended insights into the innovations and changes to the regulations as well as current updates on dangers and risks due to theft and robberies.

TSR stands in connection with TAPA for Trucking Security Requirements and is therefore the most important part for the Langhorst Group. In the TSR, all conditions for a transport of level 1, 2 and 3 are defined. Level 3 is the lowest and Level 1 the highest requirement. In order to be able to represent all transports in the TAPA area, the Langhorst Group therefore relies on equipping its own trucks according to TAPA Level 1. This includes, among other things, permanent tracking of the vehicles and constant contact with a special security centre.

Our company premises and the associated warehouses are certified according to FSR Level 1. FSR stands for Facility Security Requirements and sets clearly defined requirements for the security of the company premises. These include extensive camera systems, special security doors and strict access controls to all areas of the premises. Here, too, a distinction is made between Level 1,2 and 3, whereby we can also serve the highest Level 1.


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