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With its headquarters in Bremen’s GVZ, local transport is of particular importance. The local transport is defined by a range of 150 kilometres around Bremen and therefore includes the important German port cities of Bremerhaven and Hamburg. This is also referred to as the “wet triangle”. The modern Jade-Weser Port in Wilhelmshaven, the Cuxport in Cuxhaven and the Port of Lübeck also fall within the 150-kilometre range, which is why there are a particularly large number of logistical possibilities in local transport and, to a large extent, it is possible to react at short notice. Another advantage is the large number of container chassis that our local transport can fall back on. Whether 20′ or 40′ foot containers, thanks to multi-purpose chassis we can also place 20′ foot containers flush with the rear for loading on container ramps. In addition, thanks to the large number of container chassis, we can also unhitch at the customer’s site and collect the containers again after loading. This reduces costs for waiting times and gives the customer maximum flexibility when loading the container.

Our chassis fleet also includes state-of-the-art refrigerated chassis, which are used for the transport of refrigerated containers (reefers) . The chassis ensure a constant temperature during the entire transport and are therefore particularly suitable for the transport of refrigerated goods such as food or medicines. To avoid storage costs in the port, we can also temporarily store the refrigerated containers in our yard and only deliver them to the port before the ship departs. This avoids high demurrage costs in the port.

In addition to pure transport, our local transport can also take on numerous additional services for our customers, such as customs clearance or the repair of containers. Our team draws on years of experience and has a suitable partner for every service. Thanks to the latest technology in the office and in our vehicles, we can also locate all vehicles and container chassis and inform our customers of the current position of their container.

Our local transport is particularly active in the area of the so-called “wet triangle”, which includes the traffic between the North Sea ports of Bremen, Hamburg and Bremerhaven. In addition, our local traffic is also active in Cuxhaven, Wilhelmshaven and the entire Bremen hinterland. Whether standard containers, reefer containers or flat racks, our team can advise you in all areas and offer you quality solutions for your transports. We draw on years of experience in container transport, state-of-the-art technology both in the office and directly in the vehicles, as well as trained and competent drivers. Thanks to the large number of chassis, we also have the option of unloading the containers at any time and picking them up again at a later date. This saves you potential costs for waiting time during unloading.

Do you have any further questions? Then send an e-mail to Nahverkehr@langhorst.de or contact one of our employees directly by telephone.

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